Eel Maid. What if there are other varieties of mermaids? July 2024 promo

Canadian Geographic magazine

Grocery Nightmare. May 2024 promo

Spring Allergies. April 2024 promo

Benefits magazine, article on the value of investing in employee healthcare

Italian Cocktail for The Globe and Mail

Cover illustration for Write magazine, Winter 2022

Veggie Cone. June 2024 promo

Song of the Sea

Carnegie Reporter, Fall 2023 issue

Family Portrait

Western Living magazine, March/April 2023 issue. Favourite store-bought condiments of professional chefs

Joy Bird. December 2023 promo

Very Floral Wine Bouquet

The Haunted House. October 2023 promo

Dickens the Phoenix. Globe and Mail article on the perennial popularity of Charles Dickens

September. Promo about the transition of seasons, from summer to fall

Globe and Mail style section, article on Italian cocktails

Globe and Mail Style section, article on Italian cocktails

Festive Sheep holiday card

Personal Space

Globe and Mail article on wine etiquette 

Pear Season. Hand cut collage

Emotional Storm

Benefits magazine, article on helping employees navigate retirement investments

Family Tree for the Globe and Mail

Ottawa Design Club Zine 0004, Origins issue (Winter/Spring 2022)

Illustration for Parfait, a Tridel condo project in Toronto designed by 52 Pick-up

Grandma’s Mixer. Globe and Mail

Intrusive Thoughts

House Sitting

Globe and Mail, article on backwards writing skills

More magazine, article on benefits of eating local produce

More magazine article, part 2—the expensive imports

Fast Company magazine. Corporate donations

The Swimmer. Summer 2023 promo

Water Goddess

Handle With Care

Gallery 101, Domestic Goddess 1 collage, from a series of 3 collages for the 2019 Gatherers group show

Flower Vases. Contour drawing collage

Coffee and Croissant. Contour drawing collage

Mildred's Temple Kitchen (Toronto), 13 foot high wall mural (now gone, alas)

Mildred's Temple Kitchen (Toronto), goddess logo

Another illustration for the Parfait condo project by Tridel, designed by 52 Pick-up

Angry Sun God. Heat wave collage

Gardening Angel

Globe and Mail Travel, for an article on upscale safari travel packages

D Home magazine in Dallas Texas, for an article on the intense rivalry between two rose fancier societies

Texas Monthly, article and recipe for traditional peach preserves

Texas Monthly, article and recipe for traditional peach preserves

Profit magazine, article on company rating websites

Isolate at Home. Covid era portrait

Globe and Mail, op ed about a letter to Santa

Tree Vamp. 2022 holiday promo

Tree Barber collage

Book. OPAL magazine, issue 2 (Spring/Summer 2019). Contour drawing collage

The Werewolf. Halloween portrait series

The month of March, said to be “in like a lion, out like a lamb”. March 2024 promo

“If music be the food of love, play on!” Cello Pear, February 2024 promo

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