The Baking Saint

This is an illustration I just completed for Burnt Toast magazine's Winter 2007 Grains issue. It's a baking saint, which (when I was working on it) I thought of as a sort of Ideal Baker, but could also be seen as a portrait of baking%20saint%20sm.jpgElizabeth of Hungary, the patron saint of bakers.


Clutch Show

A new show by Clutch, the art collective I'm in, is in the works. More details as they're confirmed, but here's a hint: there'll be a theme (as always), and ... save the date for December 2. Shown here is a poster from an earlier Clutch show, on the theme of Lemon.lemon_poster.jpg


Fall Promo

The Fall 2007 promo mailer has just arrived from the printer! If you're an art director, art buyer and/or designer and would like to receive one, please send me an email and I'll mail one out to you ASAPSept07-Promo2.jpg.


Burnt Toast Fall 2007

The Fall 2007 issue of Burnt Toast magazine is out, with an (as always) unique and fascinating exploration of food––food anthropology, really. I've done the cover for this issue, as well as an accompanying illustration for the main article, both about cheese tasting. btcvr.jpg


Globe and Mail Illustration

I have an illustration in today's Globe and Mail newspaper. It's on the front of the Travel section, accompanying the article "Sailing Solo" by Kira Vermond.solotravelweb.jpg