Wheee! I'm on holidays this week, so any email sent to me won't be answered for a few days (I'll be back in the studio again next Monday -- July 28). In the meantime, hope you have a great week. This charming photo was taken in Madrid around 1908, and is from the George Eastman House photostream on Flickr.


Avenue Magazine

The July issue of Avenue Magazine (Calgary edition) is now out, with my illo for the article on marriage. You can see it (and read the article in full) here.



Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Here's a sneak peek at the logo design I recently completed for a new Toronto restaurant called Mildred's Temple Kitchen (an offshoot of the popular Mildred Pierce restaurant). The concept is based on an illustration I originally did for Burnt Toast magazine -- the owner of Mildred Pierce loved the idea and asked for a modified version for her new place. Mildred's is due to open in Fall 2008.



Bookshelf: 3x3 Magazine

The latest 3x3 Magazine is now available and looks like another excellent illustration read. Issue 10 has lengthy articles on the work of Chris Buzelli, Fernanda Cohen and Joe Morse, plus an interview with Guy Billout. There's also a profile of art director SooJin Buzelli and a look at the ad campaigns of Starbucks and Crunch. More illo goodness: the Showcase section highlights the work of UK illustrators James Fryer, Mick Marston, Nancy Davis and Karen Greenberg, Germany's Nastja Holtfreter and Canada's Kung Soon Park. The lovely cover illo is by Chris Buzelli.



Precedent Magazine

This was for the Spring 2008 edition of Precedent Magazine, accompanying an opinion piece on the move to offer women lawyers who choose to have a family equal career opportunities in private law firms (up until now, women lawyers who opted to have children gravitated towards inhouse and government law positions, which offer more flexibility while still allowing career advancement).